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Welcome To CFHP

Coaching For High Performance

Shifting Paradigms And Unleashing Potential

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Who Are We?

Here at Coaching For High Performance LLC we have a Signature Coaching Program that will help you sell and make more incentive dollars. Our program is also designed to put you in the best position to get promoted both horizontally as well as vertically; in other words we will help you develop in your current role as well as become a target for higher roles within your respective organizations. We employee a diverse group of professionals who have PhD and MBA degrees, but also have a combined 75 years of leadership experience in the pharmaceutical sales industry, medical device sales, chemical sales, managed care, leadership development, insurance and training.   


Our Services

Here at Coaching for High Performance (CFHP) we use proven transformative methods that will ensure that you see and benefit from the value in the services we provide.

Couples Therapy

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

  • Learn how to use the pillars of Emotional Intelligence to develop and maintain healthy relationships.

  • Figure out how to develop and cultivate trusting relationships that are fulling professionally and/or personally.

  • Develop your EI skills and become proficient at self-editing in the moment. Self-editing will ensure that you RESPOND and not REACT to key moments. 

  • Learn how to use transformative methods and resources to gain a deeper understanding of how to shift your mindset to get extraordinary results.

Meeting Room

Skillset Development

  • Sales: pharmaceutical, medical device, chemical, insurance, automobile or any other sales this program will help you sell more and be more efficient while doing so.

  • We can help anyone in any industry who needs skillset assessment and development

  • Our PhD will conduct a full assessment and customize a plan that will expedite your ability to exceed your goals.

  • If you are on a coaching plan or performance improvement plan, we can discretely help you overcome the obstacles preventing you from performing at a high level.

Politician with Supporters

Leadership Development

  • CFHP can develop a plan to enhance your or any company’s leadership capabilities.

  • With over 25 years in leadership in Corporate America and the Military, we use proven models and methods to help develop and enhance skills needed to be an effective leader.

  • For organizations, we have the bandwidth to develop and manage your leadership development program.

  • If you or people in your organization have leadership potential or aspirations to lead, CFHP can get them prepared to lead. 

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